Friday, October 14, 2016

pumpkin charcoal drawings

Friday's drawing class created some amazing charcoal pumpkins.

11 year old

We started with a series of warm up sketches using real pumpkins for reference that included blind contour drawing, drawing with their non dominate hand, and drawing upside down.


9 year old

One to loosen them up and also to start focusing their eye on what they were really seeing rather than what they thought they were seeing.

7 year old

I then helped them break down the pumpkin into the various shapes for their last drawing exercise before commencing on their final charcoal drawing.

The kids implemented some of the things they had discovered from the warm ups into their final charcoal sketch, which we began by just rubbing charcoal over the entire paper.

7 year old

When they had a line sketch they were happy with, it was time to focus on creating value.

They did this not only with charcoal, but also with a gummy eraser and a piece of white charcoal.

I also put out some tonal view finders to help them find all the different values in their pumpkins.

The results?

8 year old


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