Friday, July 21, 2017

a relaxing morning painting in the woods

There is a small wooded trail not far from the studio that I took the Art and Nature campers to for Wednesday's class.

There is something so lovely about watching children play and paint in the woods.

I brought along some watercolors and told them to find a peaceful spot to paint and create.

Look at all the lovely results!

6 year old

I am blown away by the abstract painting this very young boy created inspired by the trees in the woods. I am always so surprised by what he creates.

Of course the three friends who will be entering grade one this fall stuck together not only in the woods but also with creating the same subject, panda bears.

This artist seemed to find inspiration in some of the other things we had done during the week, like the strawberry pots!

11 year old

A couple of boys painted dragons. I'm not sure what about these artworks pull on my heartstrings but I'm guessing it is the fact that as they begin to reach their teens I know little boy dreams of dragons while sitting in the woods will be packed away.

8 year old

A couple of artist were quite inspired by our surroundings and stuck to painting the woods.

10 year old

Of course the huckleberry bushes the kids loved to gather fruit from made an appearance!

10 year old

And this abstraction of the wooded trails as it leads toward the opening and sunlight just took my breath away.

What a relaxing and lovely morning we all had, it was the perfect summer day.

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